Fun Facts and Strange News

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler.


– Sodium citrate is the chemical that makes nacho cheese smooth.  And it’s made out of four elements: sodium, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen . . . whose chemical symbols spell out NaCHO.


–  The song “The Purple People Eater” isn’t about a purple monster that eats people . . . it’s about a monster that eats purple people.

–  Polar bears don’t have white fur . . . they have transparent fur that reflects sunlight and makes them look white.


–  “Mrs.” was originally an abbreviation for “mistress,” not “missus” . . . which is why it has an “r” in it.


–  U-Haul briefly got into the video rental business in the 1980s . . . they opened seven test locations in Michigan that rented VHS tapes.  They wound up giving up on it quickly to focus back on truck rentals.


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Strange and trending news:

– The average American will spend $277,680 on guilty purchases in their life.  And something has to be at least 23% off before we can buy it guilt-free.  The top things we feel guilty about buying are food at restaurants, new clothes, and electronics.  (Full Story)


–  According to the survey, these are the biggest things that ruin our fun during the spring:  Allergies . . . unpredictable weather . . . heat . . . our work schedules . . . and how much things cost.  (Full Story)


–  Burger King is now going after the McDonald’s Happy Meal.  They just released five boxes for adults and because, quote, “no one is happy all the time,” the boxes are based on other moods, like SALTY and PISSED.  For now, they’re only available at a small handful of Burger Kings this month.  (Full Story)


  Dairy Queen just announced they’re going to be serving flights . . . of BLIZZARDS.  You can order three different flavors of Blizzards, and they’ll bring you mini versions of them on a special tray.  They’ll be available all month.  (Full Story)


  There’s a photo going viral right now of a unicorn cake from a child’s birthday party . . . because whoever made the cake used an ADULT TOY as the horn.  (Full Story)


–  Having sex on the first date actually leads to WAY more relationships than you think, according to a new study.  36% of women and 34% of men say they’ve ended up in a long-term relationship with someone after they got-it-on on the first date.  (Full Story)


  A street in Chicago was shut down Tuesday over a suspicious object which turned out to be . . . a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli on wheels? Apparently, it was a project that was created by a student in a college design class . . . so the street was reopened within a half hour.  (Full Story)

  A guy in Colorado robbed the same Dairy Queen TWICE in the same day.  The second time, the cops caught him and arrested him.  (Full Story)


–  A 56-year-old guy in Virginia is facing multiple felony charges after he got into a heated argument about which is better:  Ford or Chevy . . . and ended up SHOOTING three people.  Luckily, they all survived.  (Full Story)


–  A guy in Florida tried to steal a large, seven-pound rib roast from a grocery store earlier this week . . . by jamming it down his pants.  A manager caught him, and he was arrested for theft.  (Full Story)


–  There’s a two-year-old girl in Florida who was born with spina bifida, and her parents didn’t know if she’d ever be able to walk.  But now she is . . . after her doctor got her to start walking to the beat of “Baby Shark”.  (Full Story)