Fun Facts and Strange News

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler.


– Based on the population of the world since humans have existed, there are roughly 15 dead people for every one living person.

– Tennis balls were originally white, but they officially switched to yellowish-green in 1972 so they’d show up better on TV.  Wimbledon kept on using white balls until 1986.

– Target has its own forensic labs in Las Vegas and Minneapolis, where criminal justice experts and forensic scientists solve crimes that happened at Target.  They also help out real law enforcement agencies when they need extra manpower or facilities.

– Remember in the ’90s when there were all those phone numbers you could call for cheaper long distance, like “10-10-321” and “10-10-220”?  They still exist . . . but the rates are much higher than they used to be.

– When you get a kidney transplant, in most cases, your old kidneys aren’t removed . . . they just stay in your body.

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Strange and trending news:

– The porn site YouPorn is running a new contest where they’ll pick one person to PROPOSE to their significant other in a video on the site.  They’re calling it the, quote, “first ever proposal to go down on a porn site.”  If you’re interested, you can enter at  (Full Story)

– A woman in New Brunswick, Canada bought a realistic-looking Halloween skeleton decoration for $2 at a garage sale earlier this month and left it in her car.  And someone wound up calling the cops because they thought it might be a real dead body. (Full Story)

First of all… to anyone getting groceries at the superstore tonight..and saw what appeared to be a skinned human…

Posted by Rachel Thompson-Schmidt on Saturday, June 15, 2019

– A new survey found the top issues with our car that we’re currently ignoring are a rattling sound, bad brakes, and a “check engine” light.  And 29% of people who’ve had their “check engine” light come on have ignored it for over a month.  (Full Story)

– Does your junk get bigger in the summer?  Apparently, there are plenty of dudes out there that SWEAR it does.  And some experts have theories for why that “summer penis” phenomenon happens . . . like the heat making things expand, or the warm weather relaxing your blood vessels to help the blood flow down there.  (Full Story)

– There’s a new line of basketball shoes coming out from the people behind . . . MR. PEANUT.  The shoes are called “Crunch Force 1” and they go on sale on Friday for $170.  (Full Story

– According to a new survey, four out of five people say the summer always goes by too fast.  And more than half of us feel like we don’t have time to really enjoy it.  (Full Story)

– A woman in Oklahoma set her neighbor’s house on fire after a long feud last week . . . and she was caught doing it by her OWN security cameras.  She was just arrested for arson.  (Full Story)

– The cops in Alabama raided two drug dealers’ place on Monday and found one of them had a pet ATTACK SQUIRREL . . . and he kept it aggressive by feeding it meth.  The guys were arrested on several charges, and the squirrel was released into the wild.  (Full Story)

– The cops in Nebraska got a call on Saturday about a guy walking toward an Arby’s . . . and pleasuring himself along the way.  They caught him inside and arrested him for public indecency.  (Full Story)

– A small autonomous sub named Boaty McBoatface completed its first mission about two years ago.  Now the findings have been published.  And it turns out Boaty made a pretty major discovery about deep-sea turbulence his first time out.  (Full Story)