Homebuyers Pay More When They See These Paint Colors…

Sellers haven’t had a hard time selling homes lately, but a new survey from Zillow reveals you can get up to $5,000 more for your home if you paint your walls certain colors.
They found light blue is currently the most popular color for bathrooms, and participants said a light blue bathroom would be enough to justify a 1.6% higher offer price (about $5,000 on a $290,000 home).
White walls in the kitchen increased interest in touring or purchasing a home, and buyers also liked light-yellow, off-white, dark gray, dark red, and dark green for kitchen colors. When it comes to the living room, survey participants preferred grey, and also said they liked light green, white, dark gray, and light yellow as options.
As far as bedrooms go, bright blue was the top pick, along with white, light blue, and dark gray. Zillow notes, “On average, bright green and bright yellow living rooms decreased interest among surveyed buyers to tour a property.
Both colors, on average, had a negative effect on prospective offer prices.”