Earth Day: Hoosiers encouraged to “Think Globally, Act Locally”


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (INS) – April is Earth Month, and the state’s largest celebration takes place this weekend. The 30th annual Earth Day Indiana Festival will be held Saturday in Indianapolis, and the theme is “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

Executive Director of the festival Don Gorney says special areas of focus include sustainability, food supply, native flora and fauna, and showing Hoosiers the ways anyone can play a role in helping the environment.

“Small steps can help conserve our resources, help limit carbon emissions, and a goal is to impart that message that even small actions can be taken by people and are not difficult to incorporate into their lives,” says Gorney.

Those small steps can include recycling, taking public transportation or using reusable shopping bags. More than 110 exhibitors will be on hand covering environmental protection, conservation and other topics.

Gorney says this year they expect up to 20,000 people to attend.

Gorney says the festival also features activities for little ones, including GaGa Pit, light-saber duels and giant monitors that show the energy used when riding a bicycle.

“Kind of a neat way of being active and seeing it in front of your eyes what that activity is, how many calories it’s burning, but also the energy that it could possibly be producing,” says Gorney.

Gorney encourages everyone, even those who can’t attend the festival, to continually look for ways to help the earth. That can include conservation measures in the home as simple as turning off faucets when brushing your teeth or installing LED lights.

“There are ways of getting very inexpensive bulbs,” says Gorney. “And not only are they energy efficient, but it is pretty awesome that you rarely have to change light bulbs anymore because they last for so many years.”

The festival runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Historic Military Park at White River State Park.