It Would Cost $39,000 to Buy All “The 12 Days of Christmas” This Year

In case you haven’t heard yet, you’d waste a LOT of money buying everything from “The 12 Days of Christmas” this year.


PNC Financial Services recently released its annual list of the cost of everything in the song.  And the total this year is . . . $38,993.59.  That’s up just $67.56 from last year.


(And that’s just if you buy everything once.  If you buy things over and over like the song says, you’ll need $170,298.03.)


The prices on two things went down:  Pear trees and turtle doves.  The prices on four things went up slightly:  Gold rings . . . geese . . . pipers . . . and drummers.


The most expensive thing in the song is the seven swans-a-swimming . . . they’ll run you $13,125, or $1,875 each.  So, they’re around one-third of the entire cost.


The cheapest item is the partridge to put in your pear tree . . . it’s just $20.18.  (The pear tree will run you $199.95.)

(Here’s a graphic with the cost breakdown of all the different items.)


(PR Newswire)