It’s National Spouses Day!

Happy National Spouses Day to all the married people out there.  But don’t feel too bad, single people.  Spouses are great and all, but also ANNOYING . . .

Someone recently polled 1,000 Americans who are married, and 44% agreed with the statement, “My spouse gets on my NERVES sometimes.”

The most common things that annoy us about our spouse are their selective hearing . . . their snoring . . . and their control-freak tendencies.

Here are a few more random stats from the survey . . .

1.  45% of married couples usually celebrate Valentine’s Day in one way or another.  80% say it was a bigger deal before they got married though.

2.  Only 16% said they argue with their spouse on a regular basis.

3.  10% of married people said they love their spouse, but sometimes wish they were single so they could experience dating again.  (Because dating in 2022 is SO fun.)

4.  17% agreed with the statement, “My spouse is a SLOB.”  44% of husbands claimed they usually split chores pretty evenly . . . but only 26% of wives agreed with that.

5.  The things we’re most likely to APPRECIATE about our spouse include:  They’re a hard worker . . . I can be myself around them . . . they make me laugh . . . they’re smart . . . they’re supportive . . . and they’re a great parent.



(National Today)