Kids May Be Right: Homework Might Actually Be Bad

Homework is no fun for kids.
Many schools dole out ten minutes of homework for each grade level, as was once recommended by the National Education Association (NEA).
So, first graders should get just ten minutes of work to do at home while high schoolers should be cracking the books for up to two hours each night.
But multiple studies have found that kids are usually getting more homework than that each night. Also, one study found a correlation between homework and strengthened achievement among seventh graders, but another found that “students who did more hours of homework experienced greater behavioral engagement in school but also more academic stress, physical health problems, and lack of balance in their lives.”
Further complicating homework is who has access to high-speed internet and who doesn’t – as millions of households still lack fast, reliable internet.
So, how can homework be made into a good thing? Some experts say homework should be decoupled from students’ overall grades to take the pressure off, while others say making homework more useful for kids may also come down to picking the right types of assignments, as research has shown that it’s easier to learn material revisited several times in short bursts rather than during long study sessions.