Holcomb delivers his State of the State to partisan reviews

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (ADAMS) – Republicans applauded his remarks while those on the other side of the aisle said they lacked “boldness.” Governor Eric Holcomb delivered his second State of the State address last night following his first full year in office.

As expected, Holcomb touted Indiana’s manufacturing industry but promised better training for those entering other fields. Holcomb said we need better programs for training, such as internships and apprenticships for people to learn on-the-job skills.

The Republican Governor also took aim at the opioid epidemic by promising harsher punishment for those caught dealing drugs that result in an overdose death.

Although it was unexpected for Holcomb to mention it at all, he touched briefly on troubles at the state’s Department of Child Services. He promised a thorough review is being conducted but didn’t provide any further details.
Democrats accuse Holcomb of not fully understanding the gravity of the situation.

The Governor did mention Fort Wayne in the speech. He touted new flights being added to Fort Wayne International Airport. Details on that remark still remain unclear.