Tuesday is National Tequila Day!

Today is National Tequila Day, which seems like a dangerous fake holiday for a Tuesday. Is tomorrow National I Have Terrible Regrets About Last Night Day? Or National You’re Fired Day?

Anyway – here’s some fun facts about tequila and of course, margaritas!

-It’s actually not tequila that has the worm in it.
-The men who harvest agave to make tequila are known as “jimadors.”
-Tequila is Spanish for “dilated pupils.”
-The founder of Patrón tequila owns Paul Mitchell hair products, which, coincidentally, also taste great with a little lime and salt.
-The least popular tequila? Tia.
-George Clooney started his own tequila company.

Here are some results on this very important day and the most drink made with it – the margarita:

  1. 76% of Americans like margaritas, and that includes one-third of us who LOVE them.  7% hate them.
  2. Two-thirds of people prefer frozen margaritas to ones on the rocks.  And only 3% of people JUDGE you for ordering a frozen one, so go ahead and get that blended peach margarita, buddy.
  3. 26% of us always lick the salt off the rim . . . 14% never lick the salt.
  4. 24% can’t stop after just drinking one.
  5. And 30% say it’s the best happy hour drink.

To help honor the day, we looked for the best margaritas in Fort Wayne.  Thankfully, there’s have a very comprehensive report.

Stephen, with Visit Fort Wayne, says the city has some great margaritas and great food to go with them.  He says whether you enjoy them with sugar, with salt, or just want to try something new, Fort Wayne has a lot to offer.

Dos Margaritas

If you are looking for variety, definitely check out the options at Dos Margaritas on North Clinton Street. As if the name didn’t already give you a good indication, this is the place to go for variety. From 12 ounces to a 60-ounce pitcher, they have lime, strawberry, peach, mango, raspberry, and watermelon.


Fort Wayne-famous Bandidos is located at Glenbrook Commons. Check out the Original Frozen Margarita. If you love a frozen margarita with a little bite of a lime taste and a very big kick, Visit Fort Wayne says that this is going to be your drink. Matched with their delicious chips and salsa, it would be easy to spend hours at this gorgeous bar.

el Azteca

Longtime favorite, el Azteca is on State Blvd. The staff is quick to recommend their Azteca Squeeze and the Island Grill Margarita. The report says that the Azteca Squeeze has a sour yet yummy taste that is hard to put down. It is as lovely to look at, as it is to drink. If you want to order an Instagram-worthy drink, order the Island Grill Margarita, it sweeter taste and comes with a pineapple on top.

Don Chavas

Located off of the riverfront, Don Chavas has a wide variety of margarita flavors including lime, mango, strawberry, peach, and raspberry. They also offer sizes from 12-ounces to large pitchers. You can even add a shot of tequila for $6.39. Visit Fort Wayne recommends the Margarita Submarino. They call it the perfect combination of your favorite margarita with an ice-cold Corona bottle.

Hoppy Gnome

They also say you can celebrate the day with the 35MMargarita from the Hoppy Gnome. Made out of Lunazul Reposado Tequila, the site calls the house-made lime margarita mix (includes agave nectar and triple sec) is delightful.  It is served with a chile-lime salt rim. Enjoy it at their bar that overlooks the downtown Fort Wayne skyline, and you are definitely going to get your money’s worth. The Hoppy Gnome is known for their unique creations when it comes to cuisine; their drinks are no different.

These are only five of the endless options for delicious margaritas in Fort Wayne, but if you try any of these drinks, you are going to be ready to enjoy National Margarita Day in style.

Frozen or on the rocks, these are a delight. Drink up!

You can see the full report HERE