What’s the ‘buzz’ at the Children’s Zoo

Fort Wayne Ind. (ADAMS) – Those buzzing bees might be annoying in the summer, but along with other pollinators they are critical to our ecosystem. The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo invites guests of all ages to discover the world of pollinations at “What’s the Buzz” on Monday June 17, 2019, from 1 PM to 6 PM.
“What’s the Buzz showcases pollinators and their impact on our world,” said Bonnie Kemp, Director of Communication. “Pollinators have an extremely important job and saving these insects is something everyone can help and it starts in our own back yards.”
You can learn about:
• Pollination Pairs- Learn about different types of pollinators and the plant they pollinate.
• Dress like a Bee Keeper- Learn from professional Beekeeper Glenn Hile from the Northeast Indiana Beekeepers Association (NEIBA), and take a picture dressed like a beekeeper.
• Butterfly Business- Learn fun facts about butterflies and make your own butterfly to take home!
• Busy Busy Bees- Learn about different jobs within the hive and play a fun pollen collection game.
• BEE aware- Learn about items made with the help of bees and see what they do for us, and what we can do for them.
What’s the Buzz is a free event with paid admission.