Fort Wayne woman who spiked niece’s milk to learns sentence

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – In March, a 19-year-old Fort Wayne woman who admitted guilt in connection to tampering with her niece’s milk- mixing it with a lethal dose of the pain medication, Excedrin, has learned her fate.

Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda was sentenced Friday morning in Allen Superior Court to 25 years for felony Attempted Murder. It will be followed by five years probation.
Rodriguez-Miranda told the court she put 9 pills in the 11-month-old’s breast milk after becoming upset with family members being in her home.

Text messages released show Miranda telling her boyfriend that she intended to kill the baby and that she did not feel guilt.
Marshals found her in Michigan a short time after a warrant was issued for her arrest in September of last year. Her mother reportedly read the text messages and turned them over to police, along with the bottle containing the lethal liquid. Tests confirmed it did contain enough of the over the counter pain killer to kill an adult. Thankfully, the baby never came into contact with the tainted bottle.