Cops Bust a “Large Amish Party” and Make 38 Arrests

Well, at least we know no one at this RAGER was going to get in their car to drive home drunk afterwards.


The cops in LaGrange County, Indiana got several noise complaints about a party over the weekend, and reports of underage drinking.


And when they went to check out the party, they found it was a, quote, “large Amish party.”


There were more than 250 Amish people there, just tearing it up, Rumspringa-ing their hearts out . . . and all of them tried to run when the cops came.


The cops managed to arrest 38 people total, including 24 underage drinkers and 15 adults.  They’re mostly facing charges of minors consuming alcohol or contributing to the delinquency of a minor.


(CBS 15 – Fort Wayne)