Jail program offers science based approach to treating addiction

Ron Ousley and Courtney Jenkins from A Bridge
to Hope with Lt. Mike Mulligan and Sheriff Rocky Goshert

KOSCIUSKO CO., Ind. (ADAMS) – A new program at the Kosciusko County jail aims to Sheriff William Rocky Goshert, would like to announce a new program that will take a new approach to treating addiction.
Smart Recovery is coordinated by A Bridge to Hope, is in a trial deployment in the jail through mid-May.
It will be presented weekly to inmates at the Kosciusko County Jail. A Bridge to Hope currently has one certified facilitator for the program, and is working on placing a second individual to present the program. Smart Recovery is a program that the Sheriff’s Department was hoping to implement with the JCAP program in the near future, and A Bridge to Hope is proposing starting the program initially on a volunteer basis to both male and female inmates in the jail. Once JCAP is up and running Smart Recovery will be a program offered through JCAP as well. Smart Recovery is a science based alternative to AA and NA which will still be offered in the Kosciusko County Jail.