Today is National Picnic Day

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – This past weekend finally felt a little like spring.  And it’s just in time to celebrate National Picnic Day.  Monday, April 23 is the day that honors a spring and summer pastime. says, “Whether we’re going outside with a four-course meal or spreading a blanket on the floor of our living room with some week-old leftovers, it’s always a magical time.”

Who doesn’t love a picnic?  Apparently, 1 % of people according to a new survey.

It also asked 1,000 Americans to name their favorite picnic foods.

Here are the top 10 . . .

1. Sandwiches
2. Fried chicken
3. Watermelon
4. Potato salad
5. Chips and dip
6. Deviled eggs
7. Pasta salad
8. Fruit salad
9. Pie
10. Baked beans

The survey also found only 6% of us don’t like picnics, including 1% who said they HATE them . . . maybe because there’s no Netflix?