Fun Facts and Strange News

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler.


– Nicolas Cage was offered the role of Shrek but turned it down because he was afraid kids would only think of him as an ogre.


–  You always hear about Lassie saving Timmy when he fell down a well.  But it never happened in any of the 571 episodes of “Lassie”.  The only character who ever fell down a well was LASSIE.


–  The three oldest buildings in the world still standing are all in France.  They were all built between 4850 and 4500 B.C.


–  George Lucas originally wanted Tom Selleck to be Indiana Jones.  And he would’ve been, if he hadn’t signed a contract to do “Magnum P.I.”


–  The last NFL game to end in a zero-zero tie was the New York Giants against the Detroit Lions in 1943.


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Strange and trending news:

– The majority of people say they’d rather get a HEARTFELT gift than an expensive one, according to a new survey.  And the best heartfelt gifts are:  Framed photos . . . handwritten notes . . . and photo books.  (Full Story)


–  Pabst Blue Ribbon just started selling new 99-PACKS of beer.  They come in a long, narrow box that’s several feet long . . . and cost $175.  And they’re available in 15 states.  (Full Story)


–  There’s a bar in Dubai that’s offering a new special:  Women get free drinks based on how much they weigh . . . the chubbier they are, the more free drinks they get.  A woman gets about 12.3 cents of drink credits for every pound they weigh, so a 200-pound woman would get $24.60 worth of free drinks.  (Full Story)


–  A guy from England went swimming in a lake in Africa a few years ago . . . and a parasitic worm crawled into his body through his GENITALIA and laid eggs.  It caused serious medical problems, and even though doctors gave him medicine to kill the worms, there’s still only about a 30% chance he’ll make a full recovery.  (Full Story)


–  Chuck E. Cheese is officially killing off its animatronic animal band.  They started phasing it out a few years ago when they redesigned about 80 of their locations . . . and now they’re getting rid of it entirely.  (Full Story)


–  A new study ranked the 50 biggest cities in the U.S. from the most to least GLOOMY, based on things like cloud cover, hours of daylight, and rain.  Seattle and Portland, Oregon are the gloomiest . . . and Phoenix and Las Vegas are the least gloomy.  (Full Story)


–  An elderly man in Maryland made a big withdrawal from his bank last week . . . and later that night, the bank teller broke into his home and robbed him.  The bank teller was arrested on several charges.  (Full Story)



–  The police in Montana are searching for a driver who crashed into a fire hydrant earlier this month . . . then stole the hydrant.  But the driver left their BUMPER behind, so the cops are using it to track them down.  (Full Story)

STOLEN:Ok, who steals a fire hydrant? On the night of Nov 1st someone crashed into the fire hydrant at Willson and…

Posted by Bozeman Police Department on Friday, November 15, 2019


–  According to a new study, when you put on a “game face,” it really CAN help you perform better.  So, slap a determined look on your face next time you have to do something important.  (Full Story)