People in Michigan are the Most Sleep-Deprived

There’s a new study out, which compared the average sleep and wake-up times across all 50 states, and across more than 130 countries.  And they DIDN’T use sleep-tracking tech.

Instead, they analyzed data from Twitter, based on when people throughout the world used the hashtags #GoodMorning and #GoodNight.  (Which is fine I guess, assuming people are spending every waking moment Tweeting.)

They found that North America gets the least sleep of any continent, at an average of 8 hours and 11 minutes.  (Which seems like a DREAM.)

Overall, the West African nation of Togo sleeps the MOST at 11 hours and 21 minutes a night, while Barbados sleeps the LEAST at just under 6 hours.

In the U.S., people in Minnesota sleep the most at 8 hours and 54 minutes, while people in Michigan sleep the least at under six hours a night.  The most well-rested cities are Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota . . . and the most sleep-deprived are Detroit and New York City, the so-called “city that never sleeps.”

As for sleep times, Las Vegas has the most “night owls” . . . 20.8% go to sleep AFTER midnight.  Louisville, Kentucky and Fort Worth, Texas have the least, with only 2% being night owls.