Some Employees Say ‘Monotasking’ is Changing Work Life

Monotasking is exactly what it sounds like…
working on a single idea, task, or project for a clearly defined amount of time.
There’s now a startup called Spacetime Monotasking, and it encourages users to monotask while sharing a Zoom call with four to 12 strangers at a time.
It’s the opposite of multitasking, which used to be highly valued in the job market, but has been attributed to burnout and less productivity in recent years.
Most who use Spacetime Monotasking are freelancers or self-employed people who enjoy having the “gentle pressure” of having to follow up with a group after an hour or two.
And though monotasking is not for everyone, the American Psychological Association (APA) has found that stress has been heightened for employees across all professions and that the stressors causing burnout are unlikely to subside anytime soon.
Founder of Spacetime Monotasking, Anna Pugh explains, “[Work is] taking up so much space in your brain, and so you’re building it into this whole big thing rather than just buckling down and doing it. And so that’s basically what we’re giving people a space to do is just come. Be with that thing that maybe feels scary. It’s like gentle hand-holding.”