Study: We Aren’t Staying Friends With Our Exes

Are you friends with any of your exes?
A poll conducted by YouGov finds just eight percent of Britons report being friends with their exes, while 51 percent said they aren’t friends with any of their ex-partners, and 37 percent said they were friends with one or some of their exes.
The study also found men were more likely than women to stay friends with at least one of their ex-partners, and people who said they did the dumping were more likely to say they’d prefer to remain friends with an ex, compared to those who were dumped.
Other findings: 40% say they return their ex’s possessions after a breakup, 20% unfollow their ex on social media, 16% delete their ex’s number from their phone, and 14% say they delete all photos of their partner following a break-up.