Taylor Swift Doesn’t Kiss Katy Perry in Her Video Despite the Rumor

When TAYLOR SWIFT hyped the celebrities in her star-studded “You Need to Calm Down” video, she kept one name under wraps . . . a big one.

Her former nemesis KATY PERRY.

The surprise was partially spoiled by a rumor over the weekend, claiming that the two of them would KISS.  Taylor denied it at the time.

But the rumor wasn’t THAT far off.  At the end of the video, Taylor is dressed as French fries and she sees Katy wearing her hamburger costume from that fashion event last month.

They make eye contact . . . slowly approach each other . . . and embrace.

Taylor lays her head on Katy, but it’s not ‘romantic,’ because they’re wearing enormous fast food costumes.

So even though the song and the video are meant to be an anthem for the LGBT community, it’s not really a straight-up lesbian thing.  Taylor herself has said that it’s “a metaphor for two people who belong together . . . people who are a perfect pair.”

(Here’s the video, and here’s a photo.  Katy joked, “This meal is BEEF-free.”)

Taylor and Katy had beef for YEARS before making up last year, when Katy sent her a LITERAL olive branch.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Taylor said, quote, “We’ve been on really good terms for a while, [but] I don’t think either of us knew if we were going to talk about it publicly.”

Taylor said she approached Katy about doing the video, and Katy was into it . . . telling her, quote, “I’d love for us to be a symbol of redemption and forgiveness.”

(By the way, Ryan Reynolds makes a cameo in the video, and at one point Taylor tried to tag him.  But she tagged ANOTHER random guy named Ryan Reynolds . . . and he’s getting a kick out of it.)