Watch: Adorable Bears on a Playground (SHE GOES DOWN THE SLIDE!)

This may be the sweetest thing I have seen in a while…


Someone in Asheville, North Carolina spotted a bear and its cub checking out a children’s playground, and trying out the SLIDES while no one was around. 

The mom went down the big slide first.  Then the cub went down a smaller one for little kids.[0]=AZWgMFGSJZdY-myLsjWr79J-D3f-yk6wGzrxyjRqWIs5jXDlQJ4PsMvPB7hNrfeN1pgYjZ7K8Z1ingRMoy9vDZfPhp81eSOf6U3VtEHxYkl5pULCcXCp4JAtnRzn1KTPCR0ZKXwH15lLdzH4F8XAOs4f0n4k4qg7npWZ-xbD7eZOHQ&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-y-R

Facebook via @Norma Friddle

(Here’s the video.  The mom goes down the big slide at :23, and then the cub uses the small slide at :40.)