We Waste 29 Full Work Days a Year Checking Email


If you’re wondering why it’s October and you feel like you haven’t really accomplished ANYTHING big at your job . . . it’s because you’ve wasted an entire month on email.


According to a new study, we waste 29 full work days every YEAR on checking email.


The study found the average employee spends two hours of their day on email . . . but only one of those hours is necessary.  The other hour goes to re-reading messages, checking for updates, and sending unnecessary messages.


So, if you work 230 days per year . . . that adds up to 29 work days WASTED on email.


And if you add in the hour per day that’s actually necessary, it means we spend 58 work days a year on email . . . or almost TWO WHOLE MONTHS every year.


The study also found more than half of people say the time they spend on email hurts their productivity.


(HR News)