Robbie Mack

Mon-Fri | 3p-7p

Well, it was probably time for me to update this bio. A new bio where I don’t try to trick you into thinking I’m Adam Levine from Maroon 5. Actually, the boss yelled at me and asked me why we didn’t have a professional bio. If Adam knew his bio was called unprofessional, he’d probably be offened.
Kidding, he probably wouldn’t care.

A little about me? I was great in school at getting to 500 words on the essay. Don’t believe me? Re-read the first paragraph.
Right…professional bio.
I’m Robbie Mack, a radio personality and presenter on HOT 1079 each weekday from 3 to 7pm.
I love music. I think you have to in order to do this for a living.
I love to travel and have a goal to see all 50 states. I’ve knocked 21 down so far, so I have a little ways to go.
I try not to take life too seriously, and find the good in every situation. I’ve learned its’ the simple things that bring us the most joy in life.
I’m not originally from Fort Wayne but have spent the past 6 years here, so it’s home now. Hometown is Canton, OH which is the birthplace of pro football (the Pro Football Hall of Fame is there), aka…”it’s like an hour south of Cleveland”.

Look for Robbie Mack on FB & Twitter…or, “RobOnHOT”…I’ve been told I’m one of the most interesting and awesome dudes on someone’s friends list, and clearly they don’t have very many cool friends.
Right, professional bio.
Thank you for listening to HOT 1079…we all work very hard to be your favorite radio station, and by listening, you are supporting a local business and people like me who live and work here in Fort Wayne…so thank you for that.

Oh, and that picture up there? I used to have HAIR! But 2020 happened, so I shaved it off…I think that was a good decision.