Diary Of An Adventuresome Vacation: #1

Last week, my girlfriend of 2+ years and I decided to take a nice little spring break escape. After much consideration, we decided on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. NO, that is not on the Outer Banks (since that is everyone’s first question or reaction). We were between Charleston, SC…Wrightsville Beach, NC…and Carolina Beach, NC. CB and WB are both in the Wilmington, NC area.

We ultimately decided against Charleston (and Folly Beach to be more specific) because the only hotel on the island had no chairs to sit on the balcony or screen doors to listen to the ocean all night. As ridiculous as you may find this…I was looking forward to a little peace and quiet, sitting on the balcony with my girlfriend, watching the ocean and waves…sharing in some conversation and a drink or two.

Carolina Beach was probably my top choice of the next two, especially if we were going on price. About 2 weeks prior, I noted that we could book a king bed with a jacuzzi in the room (and a balcony with chairs and a screen door!) for $134. Sweet!
We decide that evening that that is where we will go.

I call the next morning to make the reservation. That room type was sold out and now they had 2 queen beds with NO jacuzzi for $189 a night. Really? -_-
Snooze you lose is probably the moral of the story.

Fearing that things could rapidly book up, I re-looked at the Wrightsville Beach hotels real quick. Within 5 minutes, I found 2 queen beds (boooo) with a jacuzzi for the same price as 30 minutes away on a different beach…$189. So, I booked it!

There did appear to be more attractions and things to do around CB as opposed to WB…but I figured we would get there and find plenty of stuff to keep us occupied.

Things to understand going ahead:
Never underestimate the power of an 11 year old car to throw some kind of wrench into your plans
West Virginia…yikes!
Is this a movie?
Stop judging me, you stuck-up asshat.

Those stories shall be reserved for future blogs!