Vacay diary #2

Calling this a diary seems so…un-manly. But I digress.

I’m also kind of slacking on the writing of these. Back to it!

We left for vacation on a Sunday morning. Bright and early around 7 A.M. It’s a long drive to southern North Carolina. 12-13 hours according to Google. Any activities planned for Sunday were already limited to “driving” “getting gas” “bathroom break” “food?” “checking in” and “sleep”.

It was maybe 4 hours into the drive…in the middle of nowhere in southern Ohio…that we began to hear what sounded like a rock or a stone stuck in the wheel. I said we’d get off at the next exit to see what it was. The next exit wasn’t for another 7 or 8 miles. The noise continued, even getting louder at times. I didn’t honestly think it would be as simple as a stone, but I was trying to convince myself it was.

I think it was a bank parking lot we pulled in to, right in front of a Walmart. Again, it’s Sunday. In the middle of southern Ohio.
What I saw was…not a rock…not a stone. No, it was 1 of 2 metal straps that had been wrapped around my gas tank…and was now dragging the ground. Glad we just drove 8 miles with metal dragging at 70mph, surely creating sparks, right under my gas tank. Insert BIG EYES emoji!

To be continued!