Build a brand new home!

Own a brand new home for less than you’re paying for rent!

  • Zero down
  • No PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) – Saves you $100 – $250 per month!
  • Interest rates as low as 1%
  • A payment less than what you are paying for rent

Those bullet points are just a few of the awesome things about building a home with Tom Rinehold! I’m Taylor Morgan, and this is exactly how I am building my brand new home. To get a little personal, I am a single person with one small income which makes it hard to be able to afford a quality home. I have tried in the past to purchase but it never seemed to work out. I couldn’t find a nice home that was up to my standards, that worked well with my finances, and with the housing market…it was down right frustrating! After years of thinking I was going to have to rent for the rest of my life, I learned about this program! Tom Rinehold has been amazing with explaining everything to me (trust me, I asked a bunch of questions) and helping me get approved to build a brand new home. I want you to be able to get out of renting and into your own home that you can be proud of! Did I mention, you get to design all of it to your liking? Even better right!? Take advantage of this now because funding won’t always be available.

If your credit score is around 620 and your income is between $40,000 & $83,300, call Tom! 260-417-4657. If you would prefer to text him at first, go for it! He will send you a message back and can help get things started today.