FWPD warning of new Facebook Marketplace scam

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Fort Wayne police are warning of a new scam on Facebook Marketplace.

FWPD officials say that a couple of profiles have been setting up deals with out-of-town users and then meeting up in Fort Wayne only to give the victim fake money.

The items they are typically buying are pretty pricey – including shoes and gaming systems. Police say they will usually pawn whatever items they acquired.

FWPD officials released the following:

There is a scam occurring on Facebook Marketplace where individuals using the profiles “YK Slowazz Longlivemybrotha” and “Steph Curry” are targeting out-of-town victims. They contact the victims that are selling items on Facebook Marketplace, usually Play Stations or shoes, and arrange to meet them in Fort Wayne.

They exchange the fake money folded in a manner that the victims cannot see the “Play Money” or “Copy Money” noted on the bills (pictured).

The bills have no serial numbers and have all been $100 denomination so far. The suspects then pawn whatever they have stolen from the victims.