Governor Holcomb gives State of the State address

Governor Eric Holcomb (R) Indiana via Twitter

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (ADAMS) – Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb is trying to convince state lawmakers to approve several large spending plans to increase school and public health funding.

He delivered his State of the State address Tuesday night.

Holcomb said the state has the money to pay for his proposals and keep its annual budget surplus in place. Holcomb also wants to eliminate fees for textbooks in public schools by directing $120 million additional dollars to expand the program covering those fees for low-income families.

He called those a disguised tax that is contrary to the constitutional promise of tuition-free education. Holcomb also asked for support for an increase of $1.1 billion dollars for K – 12 schools and educators.

Additionally, he called for hundreds of millions of dollars to be spent on mental health and addiction issues.

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