Black Pine loses ‘beloved resident’ Koda

ALBION, Ind. (ADAMS) – The staff, volunteers, and donors are mourning the loss of Koda, the Red Fox at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary. Representatives say that she lived there for five years and was suffering from arthritis.

In a release, Black Pine said that they had waited to tell the media to let everyone who knew and loved Koda get the news.

Black Pine released the following:

Koda R. Fox (2010-2023) of Black Pine Animal Sanctuary (BPAS) was humanely euthanized on Monday February 13th.

In the past year, Koda had been treated with diuretics for her heart as well as pain medication for arthritis. More recently, she was observed with a notable slowdown in activity levels and in past weeks her appetite had waned as well. When it comes to quality-of-life decisions, our keeper team works closely with our veterinarian to make the best possible decision for our residents.

Koda lived the first 8 years of her life with a private owner as an exotic pet. Her owner loved and cared for her but was unable to take Koda with her when she was forced to move. No landlords would allow a fox to live in the homes, understandably, as they can be quite destructive, can carry diseases and their musky scent is quite malodorous.

The life expectancy of a Red Fox in the wild is 3-6. In captivity it is 12-15. Despite their availability in the exotic pet trade, foxes do not make good pets.

“It was our distinct privilege to care for Koda. Her beauty and personality will be sorely missed. Her remains will be interred in the Memorial Garden at Black Pine,” said Executive Director Trish Nichols.

*The delay of the announcement was due to allowing staff and volunteers to learn of the news privately first.