The Latest – NBC News: Biden: Difficult to predict Russia’s next move

President Biden says it’s difficult to predict if or when Russia might attack Ukraine. But he again confirmed there will be “enormous consequences” if more than 100-thousand soldiers currently at the border invade the country. He even said he’s willing to sanction Russia’s leader personally. He insists the U.S. will defend all NATO members in the region. As of now, about 85-hundred troops remain on alert to possibly be deployed to Europe.

While a search is underway at this hour off the coast of Florida for 39 people missing from a capsized boat. A good samaritan rescued a man clinging to the side. He said he was with a group of migrants who left the Bahamas on Saturday and then hit bad weather. The Coast Guard believes they were on a human smuggling trip and says no one was wearing life jackets. Most of those attempting to cross into the U.S. come from Haiti and Cuba.

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Here’s Mark Mayfield.